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Sep 7, 2010

Volume X GReddy

A lot of guys know our love of automobiles over here at Volume.  Some of us here own sports cars and do track days and others just love to do burnouts out in front of the warehouse.  When GReddy Performance came to us about a color collab for their upcoming GReddy fest, we were happy to assist.  Especially when they gave us a drive in their GTR turbo upgrade car.  Click read more for the whole story.
GReddy and company are huge bicycle enthusiasts to say the least.  When they said they were going to make a couple of fixed parts in their machine shop for the show bike, we thought it would be a great idea to have them show off what they are capable of.  When they showed up at the show with a whole bike shop full of GReddy fixed parts, it was unreal.  To see what car engineers/ cycle enthusiasts can come up with as far as designing parts is always interesting to see.  I don't know if they're planning on having them in mass production or just to show off at their shows but it's awesome to see how serious they took it instead of just having us show off one of our bikes.  Click each pic to go big.

The white GTR we did the collab with.  We had one of our Thrasher frames powder coated pearl white and stickered up to resemble it's look.

This is how GReddy does it!  Custom billet hub/cog, sprocket, and cranks to name the few of parts they made for the GReddy X Volume bike

This is their second display case of parts they made for the show.  Sprockets/ cranks, pedals and stems

No car show would be without hot girls, right?

Display case 1 full of hubs/ cogs, brakes and bolts

Billet levers and brakes

GReddy's shop.  Stealth black GTR on the lift.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will any of the parts be for sale?

September 7, 2010 at 9:23 PM  

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