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Aug 28, 2009

New batch of Cutters

Just got our new batch of Cutters in stock today! The new red color came out really nice. Looks almost like an anodized red. We did a couple of small changes on the new batch: integrated seat clamp, removed the TT gusset and we went back to the speaker cut-out for the HT.

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New News

Go to Prolly's site for a write up on the new Trickster bars. Also pictured is our new straps. Thanks to the guys from Hold Fast for sending them over.

These bad boys just arrived. If you're in Cali like we are right now, you might need them with the 105° heat going on.

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Aug 21, 2009

Trickster Bars

Our new Trickster Bars and Hipster Bar (Hipster not pictured) are in production and should be here mid Sept.

Trickster Specs:
Clamp size: 22.2 mm
Rise: 4"
Width: 22"
Backsweep: 6°
Upsweep: 4.5°
COLORS: Black & White

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New Color

New batch of Cutters should be here next week. The green will be replaced with this translucent red.

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Aug 19, 2009

Palms Cycles first annual Quadcomp

Congo from City Grounds just sent this our way. Congo won the trick comp too, congrats buddy. Lovin' the Cutters in the sprints comp.

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Aug 17, 2009

New Mosher vid: This is not BMX

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Aug 14, 2009


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Aug 13, 2009

Gotta love the Rasta Man

These pics just came in from Aggleland in College Station.

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