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Sep 20, 2010

Wolfdrawn No Bikes Edit

Rider: Congo.
Song: The Bird Day - Space Feeling.
Camera: Canon 7D/35mm f1.4.
Filmed/Edited: Matt Spencer w/FCP.
Please link to wolfdrawn.com

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Sep 17, 2010

Interbike 2010

Sept is always our busiest month of the year due to us preparing for the annual Interbike trade show.  Samples, catalogs, booth and stress all go hand in hand for the whole month of Sept.  We'll be showing off all of our new goods and upcoming samples.  Check us out at booth #4961.  Also check out our twitter for ongoing updates all week long next week.  We're also going to go through our whole product line in video format for you to get a better feel for the new goods after the show.  Feel free to check out last years booth and friends.

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Sep 14, 2010

Epicly colored

Our main man, Phu over at Epic BMX has been doing custom powder coating orders on our frames (and anyone else's) this year. He's also doing custom stickers for each frame. He's been getting raw frames from us and doing whatever color your heart desires.  Phu is also the main man behind getting us the paint and stickers from our GReddy color collab.  Feel free to give him a shout at epic_bmx@yahoo.com or (714 )848-0888 for more info.

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Sep 7, 2010

Volume X GReddy

A lot of guys know our love of automobiles over here at Volume.  Some of us here own sports cars and do track days and others just love to do burnouts out in front of the warehouse.  When GReddy Performance came to us about a color collab for their upcoming GReddy fest, we were happy to assist.  Especially when they gave us a drive in their GTR turbo upgrade car.  Click read more for the whole story.
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Sep 2, 2010

Volume X Resist

Some of you guys probably are wondering what the hell happened to the Volume Stamp sprockets we showed samples of awhile back. Volume started to make too many parts that we swore Volume would never do, Volume was always to be a frame, fork and bar company.  We decided to start a new parts brand, Resist Parts.  Resist will focus on parts for fixed, 26” and our new line of commuter bikes. It’s endless on what the possibilities are for Resist. The natural progression of Volume in making new lines of frames, Resist will always be able to supply the parts.
We'll have more info on the Resist Parts site on what will be available.  Production of parts will be available Oct.  Stay tuned!

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