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Dec 10, 2009

Thrasher update

All the rumors are true, we've been working on a new frame for some time now and we finally got the second versions of the sample frame.
The samples are finally all out to Fonseca, Puckett, Mosher and Congo for testing. Without saying too much more, we do plan on leaking out more info little by little. Why? Because they are far away from production and we don't want to say more than we should since they could still be changed.
Our main goal on the Thrasher was to give you a lot more tire clearance, no more tire overlap (lengthened the TT), still run the rear wheel slammed and not have the tire rub the ST. All while still aesthetically looking clean with our new hour glass HT and BB shells. Everyone from tricktrack.org and our team was a huge help on making this thing happen. Who ever said forums are useless? Thanks men!

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